anti-racism workshop | Brighton | 15 Nov. 2019, 9:00–12:00

Anti-racism workshop

part of the Meaning Fringe, Brighton
15 Nov. 2019, 9:00–12:00
Photo: Ben Guerin

Facing up to race, power and privilege

The #dareconf anti-racism workshop is part of Meaning Fringe, a week of events and opportunities to learn, share and laugh with fellow travellers on the road to better business. Meaning, 14 Nov. at the Brighton Dome, is the conference for people who believe that business has a critical role to play in addressing the challenges of our time. Note: This workshop is open to all—you don’t need to attend the conference to take part.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone at Meaning who isn’t opposed to racism. People who believe in better business also support progressive values like inclusion and equality. But tacit support isn’t enough: structural racism persists in society and racist political movements are on the rise. There’s no progressive economics or planet-positive business without active anti-racism. Can those of us with the privilege to attend Meaning handle the ugly truth? We tend to benefit from oppressive systems like racism. But wait! There’s an alternative to retreating into denial. Together we can find the courage to face up to race, power and privilege.

At this half-day workshop led by #dareconf founder Jonathan Kahn we’ll:

  • deconstruct the oppressive power structures that govern society
  • acknowledge our complicity in maintaining them and
  • identify opportunities to resist them in our work.

You’ll leave with anti-racist tools that you can put to work immediately.

Places are limited, book yours now

Cost: £25. Date: Friday 15 Nov. 2019, 9:00 - 12:00.
Venue: PLATF9RM, Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YR.
We accept cancellations more than 7 days before the workshop. No transfers.

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Who’ll be there

The workshop suits anyone who wants to avoid reinforcing systems of privilege and oppression in their work. That includes:

  • leaders and managers from corporations, government and charities
  • HR, sustainability and social impact professionals
  • entrepreneurs, designers and technologists
  • coaches, consultants, trainers and facilitators
  • activists, campaigners and community organisers