the leadership conference

9-10 October 2017,
Registration opens in June.

Unite your team around decisions that everyone is willing to support

participant speaking at #dareconf

We’re facing a crisis of leadership. Around the world the politics of fear is on the rise, as leaders who claim to represent “the people” blame minority groups for society’s problems. From warnings of the threat of terrorism to foreign wars to outright incitements to violence, the political atmosphere is veering towards domination. While these instances of leadership-through-fear are extreme, they’re not new. They’re manifestations of our collective shadow: a social system that prioritises control over human needs.

The ideology of our organisations supports this system of control by prioritising productivity over human well-being, for example by advocating hierarchy, conformity, and competition.

When we consider politics we might feel helpless. But the system grants us power through our positions in organisations. To connect with that power we need to understand how our choices can either uphold or resist the system of control. Which raises a question for you, as you contemplate a position of leadership in your organisation. What type of leader do you want to be?

Do you want to be a leader who…

  • …dominates others, putting your own comfort above the needs of the group?
  • …separates yourself from your team by asserting your authority, judging their work, and giving orders?
  • …demands ideological conformity and doesn’t accept difference?

Or do you want to be a leader who unites your team around decisions that everyone is willing to support?

If you adopt the default mindset of control, you’ll seek to use power over others. But if you choose to adopt a mindset of connection instead, you’ll learn to use power with others. Will you dare to resist domination and fear? Are you willing to lead from a place of connection?

on-stage conversation at #dareconf

At #dareconf you’ll learn to unite your team around decisions that everyone is willing to support, through:

  • seminars on the theory of power–with leadership, based on the work of Mary Parker Follett, who Peter Drucker called “the prophet of management”
  • case studies of power–with leadership featuring artists, social innovators, and activists
  • workshops where you’ll learn to integrate different perspectives and then find break-through solutions that work for everyone
  • group discussions with peers about the opportunities and challenges of leadership, assisted by a facilitator

For both new and experienced managers

The conference will suit you if you recently started in a management role (or will soon), or if you already have management experience and want to learn the power–with approach.

Registration opens in June

Ticket prices (9-10 October)

Standard price: £1000 + VAT.

Early-bird price: £900 + VAT if you register by 10 July.

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We accept cancellations up to 60 days before the event: we’ll refund your registration minus a 20% cancellation fee. Fewer than 60 days before the event we won’t refund your registration.

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