the leadership conference

9-10 October 2017,
Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London
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Lead your team into shared power

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You’ve been called to a position of leadership. You support your organisation’s values—things like integrity, transparency, and collaboration—but its actions don’t always reflect them. Leadership makes you uneasy because the popular narrative of power doesn’t address today’s challenges. For example, are strong and stable leaders effective? Do you want to take back control, or make your company great again? Surely there’s more to leadership than shouting, “you’re fired.”

You face a choice. The traditional style of leadership is domination—driven by fear—which seeks to control by taking power over others. It stifles creativity and leads to decisions that teams don’t support. The alternative is to use power with your team, driven by trust in their willingness to support choices that serve everyone. That means integrating different perspectives to help people see their shared goals.

Your choice isn’t easy, because both options have costs. Choose power over and you’ll stay safe by conforming with the culture of your organisation. The cost of your comfort is the harm caused when you attempt to meet organisational goals at the expense of people’s needs. Stress, low motivation, workplace conflict, and a lack of shared accountability are just the start. Choose power with and you’ll reduce harm and at the same time expose yourself to danger. You’ll break social norms, hold your colleagues accountable for their decisions, and face up to the consequences of your privilege. Leading in this way is a choice to put the welfare of the whole above your own comfort.

Which do you choose? Do you dare to lead your team into shared power?

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At this 2-day conference you’ll learn how to:

  • step into the role of leader
  • apply power-with leadership techniques to common workplace challenges
  • lead your team into shared power by facilitating decisions that everyone is willing to support

Outline schedule

Day 1: Monday 9 October 2017

08:30 Coffee and networking
09:00 Presentation: Will you choose to lead your team into shared power?
09:30 Group session: Why are we here and what do we want to achieve?
10:00 Case study: Power-with leadership inside an organisation
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Workshop: How to step into the role of leader (part 1)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Presentation and discussion: Transforming an organisation using the power-with approach
14:30 Exercise: Power-with leadership techniques
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Workshop: How to step into the role of leader (part 2)
17:00 Day 1 ends
19:30 Communal dinner

Day 2: Tuesday 10 October 2017

08:30 Coffee and networking
09:00 Seminar on the theory of power-with leadership, based on the work of Mary Parker Follett
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Workshop on Convergent Facilitation: Learn to integrate different perspectives and then find break-through solutions that work for everyone
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Three stories of power-with: from the arts, politics, and business
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Closing session: Where is our power? How will we choose to use it?
17:00 Thank you and goodnight

Note: This schedule is provisional. If you have questions about the programme, get in touch.

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Refunds and transfers

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